Hotels.TV is an online marketing company specialising in video production and distribution for and on behalf of hotels. In an increasingly competitive marketplace it is vital to capture the attention of the viewer and engage them before they buy. Hotels.TV provide expertise and a global umbrella brand to help your online video campaign succeed.

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What does Hotels.TV do?

Video Production

Hotels.TV produce low cost, engaging and informative hotel videos for use on hotel's own websites and distribution to third party sites. Videos are 2 minutes in length and capture the style and image of the hotel using music and presenters. Videos are presenter-led to help sell features and benefits of a hotel as well as give viewers a good idea of size and scale. Borne from the explosion of TV-based travel shows featuring presenters, our filming style and editorially-based format has been proven to be one of the most engaging and effective strategies for converting business online (see research articles below). This relationship between viewer and presenter is one of the very few opportunities audiences have to really trust and identify with a product online.

Our style is based on many years research into factors which encourage viewers to book hotel rooms. Our research suggests viewers are far more likely to make a booking after watching an engaging video than one with little information and over two minutes in length. Our experience suggests video is used as an inspirational tool at the start of the process or when choices are short-listed.

How do we do this?

Hotels.TV have professional camera operators and presenters worldwide who film to strict specifications. All have direct hotel industry experience and understand your market. Recognised faces or celebrity presenters may also be used on request subject to further price changes. Quality, consistency and accuracy are first and foremost goals of our production.

First we meet with you to discuss your requirements and look around the hotel. Hotels.TV producers will then develop a filming schedule based on discussions. We will then set up a suitable filming date and spend approximately 3 hours filming around your hotel. We are very respective of your guests privacy and would never compromise a guests comfort during our time there. On occasion we may ask a guest or staff member to be included if we feel the shot would benefit from this, however this would be discussed. Hotels.TV complete a filming and location agreement with hotels outlining all aspects of the production. This also assures hotels that all filming permits have been granted, adequate public liability insurance is in place and any person filmed has given their permission. Hotels.TV are also very selective about the music to be used on your video and ensure all worldwide distribution licenses have been attained.

The editing process takes up to two weeks and hotels are given an opportunity to view and adjust edited content during this period. Once complete, the video is ready for distribution.

Video Distribution (Marketing)

Making sure prospective customers see your engaging video is paramount. Hotels.TV ensures your video is distributed around the web and into the markets which best serve your business. Through careful placement and specific keyword marketing strategies, your video is uploaded to various sites through the following process:
  1. Videos are hosted on the Hotels.TV server, uploaded to the Hotels.TV website and embed codes generated
  2. Embed codes are then placed on the hotel's own website, allowing the hotels to play the video to their own audience, converting more direct business.
  3. Videos are then uploaded to third party websites and video sharing sites including YouTube, Myspace, Travelistic, Metacafe, Dailymotion etc. Where possible, embed codes are used for easier management of delivery and reporting. These websites have large audiences searching travel and also distribute their own video content to Google, Yahoo, MSN and news sites to display in relevant search results. This is a great way to reach new audiences or help keep existing clients. This form of marketing has a great ROI as business generated is direct and commission free. Many of our clients are listed at the top of relevant Google, YouTube and Yahoo video searches and have received thousands of video plays and click-thrus. Video is becoming an increasingly important component of search engine optimisation (SEO).
  4. Your video is then distributed to your existing booking agents which are video friendly. Attaching an engaging video to your profile on busy booking sites like, Orbitz, Kayak,, etc will not only give you a point of difference but is proven to convert more lookers to bookers. Hotels.TV will request a list of your agents and pursue them to list your video.
  5. Hotels.TV then launch your video through social networks. Social Networks such as Twitter & Facebook now host massive audiences chatting about all aspects of life. Travel is a large part of these conversations and positive word of mouth spreads virally touching literally millions of people. Hotels.TV "tweet" and "chat" about hotels and new videos to social network audiences under the Hotels.TV brand, connecting people worldwide. Your relevant market is targeted in order to provide a more effective campaign.

Hotel Video Production

Hotels.TV - The Online Channel for Hotels

Hotels.TV has recently launched the website, featuring hotel videos and profiles with direct links and contact details. As part of the Hotels.TV distribution platform, hotels are added to the directory and listed under the relevant destination. Hotels can then manage their own profiles through an extranet system, adding text, images and video. Hotels have the option of using the online reservation system for a 10 percent commission per booking generated.


The online extranet system includes a statistics area for keeping track of where your video is listed and how many plays it has had. Each month you will be emailed a detailed breakdown of Hotels.TV marketing activity including websites, search engine positions and number of plays.

Production, Hosting & Pricing Packages

Please contact Hotels.TV to discuss your hotel's individual requirements.

Hotel Video Production

About Us

Hotels.TV was first established in 2001 and the first to produce hotel video specifically for the online market. Managing Director Harrison Brown founded London's first dedicated online booking agency in 1998, which was acquired by UK booking giant (TUI Plc) in 2008. Hotels.TV has offices in the UK and Australia and continues to expand worldwide.

Videos Produced

  • London: Charlotte Street Hotel, Myhotels, Metropolitan, Cavendish, Hempel, Hoxton,
  • Draycott, Rookery, Gore Hotels and more...
  • Paris: Murano Resort, Kube Rooms Hotel, Tarmac Restaurant
  • Australian Hotels: The Grand, Victoria Square, Rydges North Sydney, Kirra Surf
  • Apartments, Atrium Resort, Golden Rivera Resort
  • General Videos: Hamley's Toy Shop London, Shopping in London, Eco-friendly hotels,
  • City Guides, Beaujolais Run Car Rally...
Hotel Video Production

PRESS: Revolution Magazine, May 2007 "Trailblazer: Harrison Brown"

Harrison Brown tells Hayley Pinkerfield how new hotel video reviews site helps travellers make the right choice.

Who hasn't arrived at their hotel to discover it wasn't quite what it seemed in the brochure? In a move to help discerning travellers make better informed choices, and to market deserving hotels online, Harrison Brown has launched

The site uses online video reviews by seasoned hotel critics to get users as close to reality as possible. "We've created something between Rough Guide and MTV Cribs. The video experience is akin to walking through the hotel, with music specially selected to suit the property," he explains.

Brown also wanted to move beyond the star rating system: "The sheer scale of variation is difficult to capture in a five-star scheme. We introduced new categorisation, such as 'mid-range boutique', to better represent each hotel's unique style within different budgets."

Brown kicked off his career in travel sales, extolling the virtues of web sites and online marketing to hotels. He ended up registering a domain for hotels he'd built sites for. Thus, in 1998 hotels-london was born. Founded by Brown and his wife, it earnt a reputable SEO position.

"Interest was shown and I thought I should start charging for this," he says. "We became an agent, and were the second dedicated London hotels site at the time. From that, we built a reputation around quality. The existing audience we're marketing to is ABC1 and increasingly corporate. It's a different market from that which the discount web sites cater for, often pushing two-star customers into four-star hotels. That's not good revenue management for hoteliers. We match the right people to the right properties." Brown had been sitting on the concept behind the channel until the broadband revolution kicked in, trialling video reviews on the hotels-london site for two years. Hotels-london has recently removed its booking functionality, mainly in order to maintain objectivity. "You can't do this while having commissioned agency contracts. For example, if you can't get a commission agency agreement and don't show that hotel to the public, it's not objective. We still pick and choose who to include, but it's more about the hotels that we should be showing to the public because they offer something special."

Brown has striven to maintain complete control over content. "Web 2.0 was created more around user-generated content (UGC), but I think that's going to fade out. We've entered a new era of delivering content to people, which I believe is through video."

Brown says that, although UGC has its place, it has the potential to distort reality. "Customers aren't stupid, they're more informed now than they ever have been. If they take the hotel brochure, some UGC and some professional opinion into account, then they've got a balanced view."

The new launch is using traffic driven by the existing hotels-london site, while a marketing and content push is setting out to invite people direct to Brown also plans to move into mobile for downloadable maps, city guides and video reviews, and to take the service beyond London.


24 January 2007 0:00 GMT / By Ian Hughes

Taking the lottery out of living the high life.

WEBSITE OF THE DAY – Software, Online, WebsiteOfTheDay, Websites 0

It's one of those things that must've happened to everybody: you check yourself into a swanky hotel only to find out it's a bit of a hole.

Five stars doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get the best standards – hotels get stars for things like potted plants in reception, a kettle in your room and a Corby

Trouser Press bolted to the wall. None of these is particularly useful for a romantic break. Unless you're really kinky…

So, wouldn't it be great if you could actually see what the hotel looked like before booking – a short independently filmed video review would be ideal.

The guys at have done just that.

The list of hotels and destination cities is far from huge, but it does cover most of the major holiday hotspots around the globe. Also, they're slowly building up their database, and judging by what we've seen already, they've got pretty good taste.

PRESS: Yahoo! Finance, February 2008 Online Video Review Channel Offers the Real Picture

Comment & Analysis Wednesday February 21, 08:11 AM

HITCHIN, England, February 21 /PRNewswire/ --

A new online channel is launching today which claims to be the first independent video hotel review and bookings site. Lead by two seasoned hotel critics, selects and video-reviews hotels from around the globe offering a visual perspective with independent reviews and commentary. The site also offers a direct contact details, booking facility, requires no payment and has no hidden charges.

Harrison Brown, CEO at adds, "The idea behind the site is that it gives a perspective of each hotel which is as 'real' as possible, without being clouded by marketing from the hotels themselves. We have all had an experience where we've booked a room based on a picture of accommodation on a website and when we arrive it's not what we expected. This is what wants to help alleviate - portraying an honest picture of quality hotels and managing customer expectations."

With over 20 video reviews currently online, will be growing its video content to cover a number of global destinations over the next twelve months.

Video the Key to Double Digit Conversion Lift

Posted on October 19, 2010, 10:49 am, by VFM Leonardo.

The Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel is one of the highest rated hotels in the Florida Keys and is regarded as one of the finest on the island. It is a seven-acre waterfront property with lush tropical gardens, magnificent waterfront swimming pool, and a wide variety of unique dining experiences. It is one of the few hotels in Key West that can claim a private beach of their own located just off of the Gulf of Mexico.

Online Bookings up 30% and ADR up $20

How has this Key West hotel achieved a double digit increase in online bookings over last year? By providing a visual travel shopping experience that puts their story front and center. Travel shoppers researching the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel online can explore the resort through a highly interactive and engaging visual experience powered by VBrochure.

"Our hotel has more suites than regular rooms and pictures do not show our whole story. Video is a better way to show what we offer," says Alan Beaubien, CHA, Director of Sales and Marketing at Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel.

From photos, to virtual tours, to video, the media allows shoppers to see and interpret the hotel's story. The visual experience is brought full-circle by dynamic viewing tools like full-screen and zoom* to capture the imagination – and bookings – of travel shoppers.

Hotel Video Production

Traffic is good but conversion is key

Beaubien focuses his online marketing on both traffic driving AND conversion activities. To drive traffic, they have aggressive SEO and PPC programs to drive traffic to their main website as well as specific websites for weddings and meetings and are active in social media and email marketing. To convert all the traffic that sees their hotel online – either on their site or 3rd parties, they use video and provide the shopper with a comprehensive and rich visual experience.

Beaubien is a strong believer in video and its ability to help drive revenue through online channels. "Tell your story in detail, a picture may be worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million words" he says.

Since adopting VBrochure in December 2009 they have seen tremendous results. Their video views exceeded 1,000 in the first month alone and they are now averaging 2,000 views per month. That's just their video. Their virtual tours are getting approximately 3,000 views per month.

"We do a broad range of advertising so it's not always easy to say which is working better but we are up 72% in group bookings for 2010 and up another 30% for 2011" says Beaubien. It's not only group bookings that are up.

The property's wedding leads are up 40% and bookings are way ahead of pace with many wedding dates already booked. Bookings on all online channels are up double digits over last year and the hotel up 30% overall for 2009 and running 80%+ occupancy with a $20+ increase in ADR.

Video is the key to telling their story

"We needed a video to show the spacious features of our suites in addition to the entire property and VFM Leonardo offered us the best way to display and syndicate our video to traditional and nontraditional travel channels. Video is definitely the way to get your message across and the VBrochure is a great way to get to deliver the rich visual experience shoppers are looking for. It fit our budget while meeting the needs we had to show our story" says Beaubien.

*Full screen viewing available for virtual tours and video only. Zoom available for virtual tours only.

RESEARCH PAPER: Hotel Online Case Study

VFM Interactive and Omni Hotels Complete Study on the Impact of Rich Visual Media On Hotel Bookings Toronto (October 5, 2007)

-- VFM Interactive and Omni Hotels announced today the completion of the first comprehensive study on the impact of hotel online rich visual content on consumer hotel booking decisions. The purpose of the study was to determine whether consumers who view a hotel's online rich visual content such as hotel 360 degree "virtual tours" and videos are more likely to book that hotel. The study was also designed to compare the effectiveness of different types of media in increasing online look-to-book conversion rates.

As part of the study, VFM created virtual tours and different types of videos for ten Omni hotels and then tracked consumers who viewed the media on both the Omni website as well as VFM's network of third-party distribution partners, including major online travel agencies and travel research websites. Four of the Omni properties involved only had virtual tour images while the remaining six properties had both videos and virtual tours. Among the six video properties, three had full-motion videos while the other three had a VFM "photomontage" video (a more cost-effective video production created using a property's existing still images).

The study tracked nearly 130,000 unique consumers over a period of 34 days. Importantly, the study included a blind control group for comparison purposes. Specifically, consumers who visited the Omni website were randomly divided into a study group and a control group. Consumers in the study group (50%) were presented with links to the hotels' rich media on various Omni website pages and where therefore able to view the media if they so chose. Consumers in the control group were not shown any links to the videos and virtual tours and were therefore not given the ability to view any hotel rich media other than the hotels' photos.

The results of the study confirm that viewing rich media significantly increases the likelihood of a booking. Overall, consumers who viewed an Omni hotel's rich media were 67% more likely to book than those who did not. Importantly, the richer the media viewed by the consumer, the higher the impact on look-to-book conversion rates. The increase in conversion rate for consumers who viewed a hotel video was 2.9 times that for consumers who only viewed virtual tours. The increase was even greater (3.6 times) for consumers who viewed both virtual tours and video.

The study also demonstrated the value of having a hotel's rich media distributed to thirdparty websites as a key customer acquisition tool. Close to 30% of consumers who viewed an Omni hotel's rich media on a third-party website to which the media was distributed by VFM then visited the Omni website, with a significant percentage of those consumers then making a booking there.

These results of the clearly demonstrate the value of rich media and its impact on the decision making process for those who are researching and/or shopping online.