Parc zoologique et de loisirs de Thoiry African reserve to discover in your own car : 800 free roaming exotic animals. The tunnel of lions : visitors go on foot amongst the lions thanks to a glass tunnel... There is a pedestrian area in the zoological and botanical gardens where you will discover, for the first time in France, the dragons of Komodo. You can also visit the 16th century castle. “The Mysterious Island” : adventure trail with suspended bridges in the giant foliage, holes with sound games, wooden pyramid to climb, toboggans. Practical information PARC ZOOLOGIQUE ET DE LOISIRS DE THOIRY Château de Thoiry 78770 THOIRY telephone number : 01 34 87 40 67 fax : 01 34 87 54 12 France Miniature Yes, it is possible to explore the whole of France in one single day. Spread over an area of five hectares, the France Miniature exhibit in the Yvelines suburb of Paris is designed in the shape of France and displays the country’s top 150 monuments and varied landscapes on a scale of 1:30... Rivers, seas, mountains and railway lines are laid out in minute detail, with faithful reproductions of France’s many regions and their characteristic features. Stop off at the Palais de la Miniature, the world of the infinitely small, where you’ll be able to admire the work of miniaturist Dan Ohlmann and view interior scenes, all skilfully reduced to scale. A funfair especially for children makes this a perfect family outing. Your children will have the time of their lives on the six-run toboggan slide and enjoy visiting the tower with a panoramic view as well as a host of other attractions. Practical information France Miniature 25 Rue du Mesnil (Boulevard André-Malraux) 78990 Elancourt Saint-Quentin en Yvelines Tel : 08 26 30 20 40 (0,15 €/min) Playmobil Fun Park Ah, Playmobil! For the grown-ups among us, just thinking of those little coloured plastic figures brings a nostalgic tear to the eye! Long afternoons spent playing at pirates or cowboys and Indians… and inventing all kind of fabulous adventures. Unforgettable!... These little characters arrived on the scene in the 1970s and are still hugely popular today - your children will testify to that! In a place called Fresnes in the Val de Marne département, there’s a theme park entirely devoted to these much-loved toys: the Playmobil-FunPark, comprising 2,000 sq.m divided into twelve different worlds. From life on the farm to a building site and a pirates playground… and plenty of others besides, all await the visit of eager kids. Littlies aged from 18 to 36 months have even got their very own playground, with all the characters there to play with. Themed activities are held all year long and it’s a great place to celebrate your bambino’s birthday! And in case you’re wondering… you’ll get the chance to play with Playmobil too! Practical information PLAYMOBIL FUNPARK 22-24, rue des Jachères Parc Silic Fresnes 94260 FRESNES RER : Antony Bus : 396 arrêt Cerisaie telephone number : 01 49 84 94 44 fax : 01 49 84 94 45 The Disneyland® Resort Paris turns 15! 15 magical years have gone by and, starting 1 April, the Disneyland® Resort Paris amusement park will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in style, with new attractions installed for the occasion... The Disney Dream Parade® has been created especially to give visitors a chance to relive their favourite scenes from Disney® films; there are more Disney® characters than ever, Mickey Mouse and his friend will light up Sleeping Beauty’s castle with candles at an event called the “Bougillumination” and, in the coming months, you will be able to discover two new attractions inspired by the recent animation films "Finding Nemo" and "Cars". Practical information DISNEYLAND RESORT PARIS B.P. 100 77777 MARNE LA VALLEE RER : Marne la Vallée - Chessy telephone number : 0 825 30 60 30 fax : 01 64 74 59 00 Acrochats From 29 August 2007. Mogador, a young tomcat, is a descendant of the great and illustrious line of Acrochats, reputed to have been the faithful companions of celebrity musicians, writers and performance artists... Living in the shadow of their famous owners didn’t stop the Acrochats having all sorts of adventures, which Mogador is only too ready to recount at the Thiais Village in the Val de Marne suburb of Paris. Mogador is the star of a small indoor amusement park there called “Acrochats”, where he is all set to tell children under 12 and their parents about his ancestors’ exciting lives and introduce them to a plethora of activities and animations. Under-5s have a dedicated space with plenty of early-learning games and motivity activities, while older children will enjoy visiting Treasure Island and its climbing games, obstacle courses and mazes. Parents too can take part by helping their children with their feats. The park is a wonderful place for a birthday party, organised in amazing cabins with different themes and decors. Practical information Acrochats / Thiais Village 39 Rue de la Résistance 94320 Thiais Informations and reservation: 811 36 00 35