Originally founded by the Romans and Celts, Paris has grown from a small Gallic settlement to the prosperous, multicultural metropolis that it is today. Located in Northern France, Paris is a thriving city surrounded in history and culture. It is ideal for those who are interested in the arts, romance or haute cuisine, but offers a huge range of attractions to fulfil all desires. Check out Paris hotels near the arts. It provides satisfaction for tourists and business people alike. Few cities capture style in such an elegant form. Paris is also considered one of the world capitals of fashion and luxury. Check out Paris hotels near fashion houses Being at the crossroads of land and river trade routes in the heart of a rich agricultural region, Paris became a major French city during the tenth century, with royal palaces, wealthy abbeys and a cathedral. In the twelfth century, Paris flourished in Europe in education and the arts. Royal power set itself in the city, allowing economic and political importance to grow. Therefore, in the early fourteenth century, Paris was one of the largest cities in the whole of the Christian world. In the seventeenth century, it became a strong European political power; in the eighteenth, the cultural centre of Europe and in the nineteenth, capital of the arts and pleasures. Known throughout the world for its monuments and its artistic and cultural life, Paris is also an important city in world history, with political and economic challenge. The landmarks that engulf the city range from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe to Champs Elysees and so much more! For families less attracted to extensive sightseeing, Disneyland Paris is just around the corner. Check out hotels near the Eiffel Tower or hotels near the Arc de Triomphe. Some of the world’s greatest works of art decorate the numerous galleries and museums within Paris, ranging from the all too famous ‘Mona Lisa’ – with other Renaissance masterpieces – at the Louvre, to the more modern styles of art at the Quai d’Orsay. Check out Paris hotels near museums. In spite of its size and population, the majority of sights can be found in the Boulevard Périphérique, a ring road densely packed with everything that is worth seeing in Paris, including all the designer shops, top-notch restaurants and grand galleries. The river Seine practically splits the city in half and a river cruise is a strongly recommended. Optionally for travel, the Paris metro is far better than the London equivalent, both in price and quality. Check out Paris hotels near the metro Haute couture and haute cuisine have their roots set in Paris, where perfection is everything. Whether in a sophisticated restaurant or a busy bistro, Parisian food will remain a positive gastronomic experience to remember. It is the abundance of the family run shops, including patisseries, boulangeries and fromageries that stand Paris out from the crowd, allowing for an enhanced element of personal service. Check out Paris hotels near the city centre The magic of Paris is often underrated, the best way to see the true city is to stow away all preconceptions and visit it yourself. If you are feeling especially adventurous, short trips away from Paris to Versailles or Chantilly are worthwhile, particularly to enjoy the magnificent surroundings. View all our Paris hotel videos Bookmark and Share