"How much money will it cost?" - that's probably the usual question we face when we make our travel plans.

It is even more important when travelling to Moscow - a city that might turn out to be rather pricy if you don't know several rules that can help you cut your costs. Here are a few tips from Hotels.tv/moscow


First of all, most flights bound to Moscow are pretty expensive due to high airport costs and taxes and cost from $500 from most major European cities. But airlines like Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Austrian, S7 and others rather often offer special deals that can cut the usuall price tag by half. Just check their web-sites for special deals and start saving on your trip to Moscow.


There are about 300 hotels in Moscow and about half of them are decent and suitable for comfortable accomodation.  We strongly advise to take parts of your Moscow stay during the weekend days because one can get very interesting hotel deals on Saturdays and Sundays. Most visitors coming to Moscow are business oriented and the highest hotel prices are usually set for the middle of the week.

The budget for a hotel with good location and quality sevices will start from $200-300 for a night, but this fare might be cut in half on weekends.

Choosing the right hotel might also cut your costs on transportation. A centrally located hotel next to key city destinations, bars, museums can help you save on taxi fares and metro tickets.

Getting around:

The average fare for a 10 minute ride on a taxi is around $15-25 for an official taxi. We stronlgy recommend using taxis when the traffic is low (early mornings, late evenings, weekends).

Metro fare is around $1 and does not change depending on destination. Bus fare is also around $1 but bus route maps are hard to find, so take a bus only if you have Russian-speaking friends with you.

Eating and drinking:

That's a hard part to predict. There are many quite good restaurants in Moscow where one can have a very tasty quality meal. But the price tag will be probably surprising for many tourists. An average meal for two with a couple of beers can easily cost you $60-80 and that will be considered a middle range restaurant. More fashonable places will easily cost more that $100 (without alcohol).

An average price tag for a meal in a fast food restarunt like McDonald's or Burger King will be around $8-15, so this should give you a pretty good understanding of how prices differ in the Russian capital. There are also spots in the streets that sell Russian pancakes - blinis, hot dogs, roasted potatoes. A meal there will cost you around $5-10.

You can save some money by including breakfast in your hotel, combining fast food meals and meals at restaurants.


Museum tickets will cost you in a price range of $10-25, depending on the level of the museum. A ride on the river ferry along city landmarks on the Moscow river is around $15. A ticket for the Aeroexpress to the airport is $12-17 depending on the class of services. A movie ticket is an average $8. A ticket to a concert of a western pop-star is about $100. Entrance to night clubs is around $10. A pint of beer is around $8. A Big-mac costs $3.