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Moscow is the capital of Russia and the center of the Moscow region. Snowy in the winter and sunny in the summer, Moscow will change the way you think about Russia. Luxurious five star hotels, famous night life, historic sightseeing or fashion shopping - one can get the full scope of thrilling travel experience and a collection of emotions for a lifetime.

With other 11 million people of population, Moscow is one of largest metropolies in the world. Feel the thrill of the Russian capital by visitng the always busy subway, grab a sandwich and spend a couple of hours in Gorky Park, take a walk along the Boulevard Ring and enjoy magnificent art-deco architecture, hop on the river ferry and take a journey along such landmarks as the Kremlin, Moscow-City business center, Seven sisters (Stalin's skyscrapers) or the Olympic Stadium in Luzhniki.

Whatever you choose be sure that you will be impressed by the energy of this unique city that combines the charm of European capitals, traces of thousand year old Russian history and culture and the grotesque of Asian luxury.  

  • How to get from the airport

    It is most probable that your first arrival to Moscow will be made by plane. There are three international airports in Moscow - Domodedovo, Sheremet'evo and Vnukovo. They are relativelly close locate... Read More
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  • Traveller's info

    Weather For travellers to Moscow the weather should be an important consideration. Moscow is not in Siberia and winters are rather bearable. So, it is not such a bad idea to plan your trip in the win... Read More
  • How to pay in Moscow

    The Russian Ruble is the official currency in Russia and its capital Moscow. It is a myth from the 1990-s that one can hang around Moscow with a pack of dollars and even receive change in a taxi. T... Read More
  • Russian Visa

    If you are traveling to Russia, you will most probably need a visa, although you should check with your local Russian Federation consulate whether there are any special visa conditions for your countr... Read More
  • The Tretyakov Gallery

    The exotic art-deco mansion in Zamoskvorechie is home to the main branch of the State Tretyakov Gallery, housing the world’s best collection of Russian icons and an outstanding colle... Read More
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    The Staraya Basmannaya street starts from the Garden ring road at the intersection with the Pokrovka street (which in turn goes all the way to the Kremlin). The Basmanniy neighbourhood started b... Read More
  • Walking routes: Gorky Park

    Gorky Park has a long going history – it was founded back in the 1920-s of the 20th century and many generations of Muscovites associate there childhood years with this place on the Moscow riv... Read More
  • For Free!

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