Manchester is a fantastic place to visit with a big group. The city caters well for big groups – accommodation providers, attractions, restaurants, bars and nightclubs welcome most big groups with open arms. You’re best to inform people that you are coming, but that helps everyone. By pre-booking insures there’s room for everyone, plus most businesses offer big group discounts.

Group Booking accommodation as a big group can help make your stay much cheaper. Not all hotels and apartments can handle big group accommodation, however, below we at Manchester offer some Free advice to the different types of big groups that come to visit us here in England’s second “capital” city.

If you’re a big stag or hen group visiting Manchester then you are in luck. There are more and more, large apartments, houses and lodges opening that welcome big groups and provide facilities specifically for big groups – such as BBQ areas, hot tubs, gyms, and private bars.Contact me and I’ll find the perfect place for you to party –


For School and Youth Groups security is the number one priority. When you’re responsible for other people’s children then you need to be sure the accommodation is 100% suitable. That’s why, whenever we can, we at prefer to book accommodation on an exclusive use basis, this means that there are no other guests coming and going from the building. We have several hotels, hostels, houses and apartments in the city centre that can be booked exclusively for your group, all at affordable rates. Again, email me today for further info and save time searching for beds for your big group We’ll also be delighted to visit sites with you to help with security assessments.


Finding Accommodation for Big Groups of people with accessibility problems can be very time consuming and frustrating. Most hotels in Manchester have a few rooms suitable for wheelchair users but what happens when you are travelling as a big group? Contact us at in Manchester and we’ll be delighted to help. We already know which hotels are suitable and have the number of rooms for large groups.

  • Whatever reason you are taking a big group to Manchester for please try and book as early as possible. The sooner you book the cheaper it will be.
  • We work with a wide variety of big groups and each group has its own unique requirements. So our final tip to big groups looking for accommodation is to ask!
  • No matter how unusual your group enquiry may be, be sure to ask if people can help. In most situations service providers will be delighted to go that bit further for big groups. Manchester has a wide range of accommodation available and there is one hotel, guest house, hostel, apartment or penthouse that’s right for you. Ask us, and we’ll find it.


P.S. You can also download our Free Group Accommodation for Many More Tips Manchester are "local" Agents in Manchester and we will always find you

the best hotels, rates and locations to suit your requirements.


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