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In Mallorca you will find an unspoilt world of idyllic dreams, with beautifully converted old country estates, charming rural hotels and sumptuously renovated manor houses catering to every creature comfort. Leisured holidays centred on the authenticity and tranquility of the interior of Mallorca island -Oases of peace where you may savour the calm of the countryside and the serenity of nature, far from the noise and fevered jollity of conventional tourism.

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  • AFM Collection, Andratx Exhibition


    The CCA Andratx is pleased to host a special edition of the Art Foundation Mallorca Collection. Dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging art and artists, the CCA has become a meeting place for lovers of art, artists, curators and investors. The current presentation of the art collection of the Art Foundation Mallorca fully reflects this purpose and is a must for anyone interested in contemporary art.



    Event calendar - 01 / 06-02 / 06-03 / 06-04 / 06-05 / 06-06 / 06-07 / 06-08 / 06-09 / 06-10 / 06-11 / 06-12 / 06-13 / 06-14 / 06-15 / 06-16 / 06-17 / 06-18 / 06-19 / 06-20 / 06-21 / 06-22 / 06-23 / 06-24 / 06 - 25 / 06-26 / 06-27 / 06-28 / 06-29 / 06-30 / 06-01 / 07-02 / 07-03 / 07-04 / 07-05 / 07-06 / 07-07 / 07-08 / 07-09 / 07-10 / 07-11 / 07-12 / 07-13 / 07-14 / 07-15 / 07-16 / 07-17 / 07-18 / 07-19 / 07 - 20 / 07-21 / 07-22 / 07-23 / 07-24 / 07-25 / 07-26 / 07-27 / 07-28 / 07-29 / 07-30 / 07-31 / 07-01 / 08-02 / 08-03 / 08-04 / 08-05 / 08-06 / 08-07 / 08-08 / 08-09 / 08-10 / 08-11 / 08-12 / 08-13 / 08 - 14 / 08-15 / 08-16 / 08-17 / 08-18 / 08-19 / 08-20 / 08-21 / 08-22 / 08-23 / 08-24 / 08-25 / 08-26 / 08-27 / 08-28 / 08-29 / 08-30 / 08-31 / 08-01 / 09-02 / 09-03 / 09-04 / 09-05 / 09-06 / 09-07 / 09 - 08 / 09-09 / 09-10 / 09-11 / 09-12 / 09-13 / 09-14 / 09-15 / 09-16 / 09-17 / 09-18 / 09-19 / 09-20 / 09-21 / 09-22 / 09-23 / 09-24 / 09-25 / 09-26 / 09-27 / 09-28 / 09-29 / 09-30 / 09

    Address: Carrer Estanyera, 2

    City: Andratx

    Event Location: CCA Andratx

    Price: Free


    In this special edition for the CCA Gallery includes nearly eighty percent of all AFM Collection. Curated by Patricia Asbaek, the show emphasizes the importance of this collection, which includes masterpieces and most challenging works of younger artists. Some of the works will be displayed for the first time at CCA Andratx and others will be addressed from a new point of view, it will be an open-minded exercise for spectators. An opportunity to see major works by Cosima von Bonin, Jan Albers, Jeppe Hein, Phillip Allen, Cerith Wyn Evans, Gregor Hildebrandt, Rachel Howard, Bernhard Martin, Stefan Sandner, Phoebe Unwin, Jannis Varelas and many others sharing space together in Mallorca .


    The AFM Collection has become internationally renowned collection of contemporary art in Europe. With approximately 200 works by 150 artists of the highest level, has become an important direction for trend scouts and interested in contemporary art worldwide.


    The pieces that make up this collection are carefully studied and selected by the curatorial team consisting of Patricia Asbaek (DK), Friederike Nymphius (DE) and Barry Schwabsky (USA). These art market professionals are internationally recognized and are invited to attend the most important art fairs, artists' studios and exhibitions around the world to find the most talented young artists and challenging the current art scene.


    Time is now demonstrating that the eye of this team was right when they decided to go for renowned artists worldwide as Heimo Zobernig, Anselm Reyle, Martin Boyce, Alicja Kwade, Jonathan Meese, Mathieu Mercier, Nedko Solakov, John Bock, Tony Matelli, Jitish Kallat, Ernesto Neto and Hans-Peter Feldmann.


  • AMAT Mallorca attractions

    The Majorcan Asociation of Touristic Activities “AMAT”

    “AMAT” was established on the 26th of October of 2001 to defend the interests of the members as its main objective, and very specifically, takes part atively in the forums of torism which take place at local, autonomic, state or interational level.

    Their main aim is to promote tourism in our community and contribute so much to the improvement of the quality of the tourist services in all filds, as to the realization of actions aimed to the removethe seasonal effects on th tourist sector, all this with the support of the dministration and Institutions.

    At present a total of nineteen companies of the branch of the complementary tourist offer are affiliated to the association. Some count with various establishments, which as a whole they make up an impotant group inside the Balaric tourist sector; which receives more thn five million and half visitors every year and offers direct employment to more than two thousand five hundred people.


    Humourist Berto Romero in Mallorca


    For the third year, Berto Romero visit Mallorca humor to fill the island with his Apotheosis foolish, this year, more apotheosis if anything about the issue of being in 2012, end of the world according to the Mayans.

      The Apotheosis Necia is the third stage show starring your company Berto Romero fatigue. This is a comedy show that displays the unmistakable humor and personal Berto over 90 minutes of monologues and songs.

      The life story of the character that represents us to know their personal misfortunes in the family plot, love and work. The referents daily, filtered by the look surreal and cynical account from which all their experiences, lead to an explosion of humor with cathartic effects to the public.

    BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW HERE.. phoning 971 78 32 79.

    Tickets On sale at: Teatre TaquillasTrui

  • The Balearic Symphony Orchestra "City of Palma" at Bellver Caslte - 22/9/2012 Concert

    The Balearic Symphony Orchestra "Palm City" is a group formed by the Public Foundation for the Balearic Music, an organization created in 1988 at the behest of the Balearic Government, the City Council of Palma and the Consell de Mallorca, for promote music in the Balearic Islands

    The orchestra, in addition to its subscription season in Palma, participates in the production of the opera season of Teatro Principal de Palma Foundation-dependent entity Consell de Mallorca, and the Friends of the Opera of Mao, the Festival of Music Bellver Castle, the International Music Festival of Pollença, the cycles of chamber music at the Museum of Mallorca, Casal Solleric, Castillo de San Carlos, Baluard and Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Program also auditioning for school and family concerts.


    He has given concerts in all cities and villages of the Balearic Islands and in the main cities of Spain, Perpignan and Cannes. He has also regularly released and interprets the works of composers of the islands, many of which have been recorded on compact disc.


    The first principal conductor of the Orchestra since its inception was the master Luis Remartínez until 1994. Teachers have followed Philippe Bender (1994-1997), Salvador Brotons (1997-2000), Geoffrey Simon (2001-2002), Edmon Colomer (2002-2005), Philippe Bender (2005-2009) and currently it is again master Salvador Brotons.




    The Cowboys

    Schindler's list

    Star Wars suite


    Manhattan Project

    Titanic Suite



  • Gold Party 2.0 Tito's Party 11/10

    Tito's next Thursday 11th season continues with the Airport Parties, beginning with the Coll tapas route and end at Tito's party.


    Event Calendar - 11/10

    Address: Paseo Marítimo, 30

    City: Palma de Mallorca

    Start Time: 23:00

    Final Time: 06:00

    Location of Event: Tito's Palma

    Price: Free

    Tito's next Thursday 11th season continues with the Airport Parties, beginning with the Coll tapas route and end at Tito's party.


    The music comes from the hand of guest DJs: DJs Don Manolo, Angel Garrido, Angel Dj, Deejay Deejay Pla and Pipi.


    Not only the music will be the best of this big party at Tito's, but the prices of the drinks are very cheap: 7 € and 5 € combined soda and beer all night.


    If you do not know how or where to get your invitation only contact 671 761 997 Luis Hurtado.


    Essential or flayer invitation to enter before 02:30 h, 12 € 2 glasses presenting the invitation + glass of cava.


    - A must watch your image - Over 18 years -

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