Madrid Spain City Guide Attractions, Hotels, Tours, Museums, Restaurants and Night life. Madrid, lined with museums, art galleries, tourist attractions, luxury and boutique hotels, shopping and some of the finest restaurants‘, is a very unique and diverse travel destination. Looking for luxury? Well, look no further. Stay at one of the many luxury hotels and visit your choice of more than forty museums. If you are looking for the same class and quality of a luxury Madrid Hotel, but want a smaller venue, try one of the smaller 15-20 room Boutique Hotels located in the heart of Madrid. Here you may want to relax, get a message, and stroll through the many different shopping zones to find some unique bargains. The Prado, a world renowned art gallery, is located in the heart of Madrid in an 18th century building designed by Juan de Villanueva. Here you will find collections from Velazquez, Botticelli, Bosch, Rembrandt and other highly acclaimed artists. Check out Madrid hotels near the art gallery. Leave your Luxury Hotel in Madrid and visit Luxury at it’s finest. The Royal Palace will place you in awe, with the splendid architecture, magnificent gardens and Fresco’s by some of the most well known artists. Here you will find the work of Tiepolo, Goya, Rubens, El Greco and Juan de Flandes to name a few. Going from your boutique hotel to the shopping the boutiques can be easy when you visit the Fuencarral Market. Spend the day and see the fashion forward clothing and shoe shops, home décor market places and jewelry stores. The music that plays in the centre sets the tone. In addition to shopping, you will find culture activities, movies until midnight and another art gallery. This truly is a must do and an entire day out of your itinerary. Hotels near the Fuencarral Market. If you are looking for some excitement, you may want to consider getting ticket to a Madrid classic, the Bull Fight (March-October), located at the Plaza de Toros Monumental de las Ventas. This event takes place on Sunday evenings at 7pm. While most tickets go to season ticket holders, you will be able to find yours a couple of days prior to the event at Las Ventas. Hotels near the bull fights in Madrid. While fast food restaurants are available in Madrid, you may not feel comfortable leaving your plush luxury hotel and eating a cheeseburger. No worries, there are many fine restaurants in the city to choose from. Want to do more than just eat? Visit the renowned and uniquely decorated club, Torres Bermejas, and watch the famous Flamenco show while eating some of Spain’s finest foods. Compliment your dinner with some wine, cava or sangria. This night will be a night to remember. Madrid hotels near restaurants. From the Luxury and Boutique hotels of Madrid to the interesting culture, history and art galleries, your trip will be fun-filled and exciting. There is shopping, food, nightlife, entertainment, interesting architecture, splendid parks and royalty. Relax, see, learn and enjoy all that Madrid has to offer.