Corporate Hotel Booking

Are you a busy Personal or Executive Assistant? Do you have to book regular (weekly or monthly) hotel accommodation for your companies Directors, Managers or team?

Let us do it for you!


As experts in corporate, group, event and individual hotel bookings we know how time consuming searching around for the right hotel at the right price can be. 


For Corporate Bookings, companies and organisations will have direct 24 hour access to a dedicated Relationship Manager who will personally manage all of your organisations booking requirements, at personally negotiated rates. At we know that time means money! So not only will we save you A LOT by securing the best possible rates, we will also save you A LOT of time and hassle.


If you have a few members of your company or organisation that require regular accommodation and prefer to manage it themselves, we can set you up with a Corporate Booking Area specific and personalised to your organisation and needs - including key information such as choice of hotels, travel policies and any information including meeting times and special seminars can be displayed on this page. Your Directors, Managers and team members can book directly on their Private Booking Area at personally negotiated rates from hand-selected hotels.


Your Corporate Booking Areas (have as many as your need) will be password protected so that access is restricted to those who need it. Our Corporate Booking Areas for businesses and organisations allow a unique and tailored platform for your business to manage all company hotel bookings and provide you with valuable reports for cost control and trends.


Corporate Events

Planning a Training Course, Seminar, Meeting, Charity Event, Gala Dinner, Tour or perhaps even an Office Party?


Let us plan it for you! With our extensive knowledge of hotels and event venues we will find you the perfect hotel for any corporate event - we personally visit every hotel and venue that we recommend.


For corporate events, we offer complete management services from securing hotels and venues all the way through to executing your event. Event Organisers will have access to their very own Event Manager for all booking and planning needs. Guests, delegates and team members attending the event will also have access to a dedicated Relationship Manager to handle any enquiries. Should you require it, our experienced Event Managers are available to execute your event on the day.


As well as securing venues and hotels we can also source any other event requirement through our various suppliers and partners including - caterersdecórAV equipmentDJToast Masterlive musicfloristsstationery and more.


As with most events, trainers, VIPs, guests speakers, organisers and delegates require overnight accommodation. For hotel bookings, we'll set you up with a Private Booking Area where your delegates can simply book their rooms themselves at the discounted rates that we negotiate, at selected hotels around your venue. Your Private Booking Area can be personalised to your event with your logos and branding, and can be password protected if you require restricted access.


If you have your own event website or corporate intranet, you can easily embed your Private Booking Area as an iframe or you can simply link back to your Private Booking Area. If you do not have an event website or corporate intranet, you won't need one as your Booking Area can include all the event information that you want.


  • Our services are completely FREE*
  • We secure your event venue and hotels at personally negotiated rates
  • Hotel rooms are booked on a pay at hotel basis with flexible cancellation policies - no advance payment (unless you specify)
  • We can designed a bespoke Private Booking Area with your logos and branding
  • We offer a personal service to your delegates, exhibitors, guests and team members via your Priate Booking Area or by phone or email
  • We can assist with marketing your event
  • Your Private Booking Area may be password protected
  • It's superb and professional way to accommodation your guest speakers, special guests and delegates.


In addition, by using the latest cutting edge technology, we can search through hundreds of suppliers for hotel accommodation in a matter of minutes to find the best options to match your needs.


If you'd like to find out more about exactly what we can do for your event please contact us on 020 8133 9334 or by email to




* On site Event Manager may be charged.