We will take the stress and bother of finding hotel accommodation for your wedding party if you are getting married. With our extensive knowledge of Istanbul destinations, we will find you hand-picked hotels for your wedding guests, close to your wedding venue. This gives you one less thing to worry about when planning a wedding.

For your wedding we can set up a private booking system, which would be customized for you. When we speak to you, we will assess your needs and since we work with the hotels and venues directly, we guarantee getting you and your guests the best rates available.

We'll set up the website and if you require restricted access to make bookings we can provide passwords. This page can have your own images, service information and links to your own wedding website for RSVP’s if you have one.

Our service is completely free to you and your guests


 If you'd like to know more or set up a private booking system please contact us at istanbul@hotels.tv