1)      ASITONE RESTAURANT: It has seasonal menus for summer and winter separately, all with only seasonal vegies! Its cusine is enriched with a mingle of Ottoman, Middle Asia, Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cusines…

Ø  Location: Edirnekapı

Ø  Contact: +90-212-635-7997

2)      NAR RESTAURANT: It has a wide range of tastes from Ottoman cuisine to Anatolian cuisine…It has more than 50 types of meals daily and all is based on natural/organic nutrition…

Ø  Location: Nuruosmaniye

Ø  Contact: +90-212-522-2800

3)      BORSA RESTAURANT: It offers classic menu from Ottoman and Turkish cuisines, with a perfect bosphorus view on the top of Lutfi Kırdar Congress Center…

Ø  Location: Harbiye

Ø  Contact: +90-212-232-4202

4)      KONYALI RESTAURANT: It directly reflects the culture of Ottoman cuisine and nutrition style, with a perfect Bosphorus and Marmara Sea view from the top at Topkapı Museum…

Ø  Location: Sultanahmet

Ø  Contact: +90-212-513-9696

5)      HUNKAR RESTAURANT: With its various national and international awards on Ottoman cuisine, it always keeps its modest, down-to-earth style…

Ø  Location: Etiler

Ø  Contact: +90-212-287-8470

6)      FERİYE RESTAURANT: It offers a fusion of Turkish-Ottoman cuisine in a contemporary style with a right on the Bosphorus view…

Ø  Location: Beşiktaş

Ø  Contact: +90-212-227-2216

7)      BEYTİ RESTAURANT: It is worldwide well know for its meat dishes and its aperatives ‘meze’ that are cooked with olive oil are the bonuses!

Ø  Location: Bakırköy

Ø  Contact: +90-212-663-2990

8)      ULUS 29 : Its chic atmosphere on the hill with Bosphorous view offers great classic dishes at a fine dining  style…

Ø  Location: Ulus

Ø  Contact: +90-212-265-6181

9)      HAMDİ RESTAURANT: It is very well visited by foreigners as a great example of Turkish Kebap option! It is located at main tourist atraction area-Historical Peninsula…

Ø  Location: Eminönü

Ø  Contact: +90-212-528-0390

10  KARAKOY RESTAURANT: With its comfortable and modern decoration, it is a great choice for kebap and meat dishes with various type of ‘Rakı’ and ‘meze’ options…

Ø  Location: Karaköy

Ø  Contact: +90-212-292-4455


We will be happy to assist our guests for any kind of restaurant advices as well…If needed, contact us at istanbul@hotels.tv