The Edinburgh Festival, or rather Festivals (there are actually several festivals in Edinburgh in August, and many others throughout the year), is a time for entertainment, art,Edinburgh Festival  2012 Accommodation Guideculture, and much fun. It’s certainly not a time for worrying about finding affordable accommodation. That’s why in Edinburgh has put together a simple guide to booking accommodation for the Edinburgh Festival 2016, meaning visitors can concentrate on enjoying the world’s greatest shows and events.

The guide for The Edinburgh Festival 2016 recommends visitors to;

  • Book early, book today. The sooner you book the more you will save. It won’t get any cheaper than it is today.
  • Visit in a group Groups can get some big discounts on accommodation in Edinburgh.
  • Look outside the city centre. Edinburgh has a great bus and train network and by staying outside the city centre visitors can save on room rates.
  • Go offline. Many of the best hotel and apartment rates are not available online. You’ll need some local knowledge to help you find these. Contact me .
  • Multiple beds. Many hotels in Edinburgh have large triple and quad rooms that allow you to save a lot on room rates per person.
  • Rent an apartment. It’s not just about hotels, guest houses and B&Bs in Edinburgh. Apartments can offer great space and privacy, and save money.
  • Parking is a premium. Parking is difficult to find and expensive in Edinburgh. If you’re driving to the Edinburgh Festival stay at a hotel with free parking for guests.
  • Room only. Edinburgh Festival time is party time for many visitors. With all those late nights do guests really need breakfast included in the room rate?
  • Forget star spotting. Star ratings look at the facilities of a hotel. There are many 3-star hotels in Edinburgh that offer service way beyond their star rating.
  • Contact in Edinburgh, the local hotel booking experts. All accommodation advice and booking services are friendly and FREE.

Alan Tennant, Regional Director of in Edinburgh, added “It’s important to follow a few simple steps now to ensure visitors can find room availability within budget. The tricky part for visitors is that many of the best deals are not available online. That’s where we at can use our local contacts to track down the lowest rates in the best locations.”

For FREE assistance finding the perfect accommodation for your stay during Edinburgh Festival, simply call Edinburgh 01899 810760 or email with your requirements.