1. Cape Town was officialy founded in 1652 when the Dutch setup a halfway point for ships travelling east.
  2. Cape Town is also called 'The Mother City'
  3. The weather is similar to the Mediterranean, with rain in winter from May to September. Summers are hot and can be windy.
  4. The ocean water is usually cold year round at average 17 degrees celsius.
  5. There is a large international community in Cape Town and 9 official languages, but English is understood well by all.
  6. About 3.5 million people live in and around Cape Town, the countries second largest city. 
  7. FIFA 2010 was hosted in South Africa, with 8 games in Cape Town.
  8. Famous Capetonians include entrepeneur Mark Shuttleworth, swimmer Natalie du Toit, Nobel literature laureate JM Coetzee and singer Brenda Fassie.
  9. Cape Town is home to the world's larget timed event, Cape Argus Cycling Tour, which attracts up to 35 000 riders.  
  10. Not just in Cape Town, but in South Africa we drive on the left side of the road.