Weddings abroad are becoming a very popular option for many reasons, first and foremost the weather (who wants a rainy wedding day to remember) and surprisingly the cost is a big factor! You would be forgiven for thinking that travelling abroad for a wedding would cost more money, it doesnt! Obviously your guests have to get themselves to your destination, but in my point of view if they do care about your big day and you give plenty of notice they can make it. Try not to book during a peak time and you will find the price of flights and accomodation in the Costa Blanca are amazing! Everyone wants an excuse for a holiday and long weekends are always a possibility for working couples.

The choice of wedding venues here is suitable for just about any requirement, from lavish to intimate, mountain and sea, hotel or villa we cover the spectrum. 

I found through personal experience having married here last October that one of the headaches was finding the venue suitable for my personal taste and my budget. Luckily living here for many years made that easier as I find word of mouth is always the best recommendation. The advantages of asking to help with your wedding planning is that we are a LOCAL AGENT and we know our venues. A misconception many people have is that booking with an agent will cost more money, to the contrary because we book so many clients all year round we can secure much better rates than an individual wedding booking.

What and our wedding planner 'Katie' can do for you is find out exactly what you want, how you want it, how much you want to spend and narrow down the field for you to make your final choice. This is your special day! This service is totally cost free. Prices can vary on your requirements but can start from as little as 65€ per guest. We also can secure you lots of extras such as a free bridal suite, car, free bar etc depending on venue. We also provide you with a special personalised wedding page for you and your guests to access and view hotel bookings, wedding lists and any other wedding news you want to post.

Feel free to ask us questions, call +44 (0) 20 8133 9334  OR email or visit our webpage  for any information. But most of all make it a day to remember, it should only happen once ;)