Just a sample of the Corporate Events taking place within the local of Belfast which includes

Belfast Waterfront 18.09.2011 – Big N Ireland Wedding Show

Belfast Waterfront – 27.09.2011 – Embracing Social Marketing

And the types of activities for all your corporate and team building / work events can be sourced here with Hotels.tv Belfast! 


Escarmouche Paintball

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Address: Adventure Park, Shanes Castle

Town: Randalstown

Area: Antrim

Postcode: BT41 2AD

Telephone: 028 90 327 500

'WE AIM TO BRING YOU QUALITY OF ENJOYMENT, DELIVERED WITH STYLE AND SPIRIT' We are a small company of dedicated people determined to provide you with the best Paintball day you have ever had!  Our young staff are ALL dedicated players. We travel far and wide to compete at the highest level in professional paintball tournaments. From Los Angeles to Amsterdam, London to Toulouse, we know how to play and above all we know what makes a superb day out for you and your friends. Rest assured you will be provided with the very latest equipment to inspire your game.  We enthusiastically believe that Paintball is a very exciting and stimulating activity that appeals to a very broad section of people.  Arrive on site with an open and positive mind and be ready for a day that we hope will be remembered for a very long time.  It is a sport that demands strategy and discipline and above all, an open mind to truly enjoy a very different day out.  Ignore all the stereotypes, join the millions of people around the world and come find out why this game is the fastest growing activity in the world!

The Adventure Team

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Address: 62 Main Street

Town: Gortin

Area: Tyrone

Postcode: BT79 8NH

Telephone: 028 8164 8390

Email: info@theadventureteam.co.uk

Web Address: www.theadventureteam.co.uk

We have a varied and diverse range of activities that include: Team Games – Over 100 fun and exciting games for team building and personal and social development Our games are perfect for groups of all sizes, they can be quick and energetic, slow and deliberate, indoor and outdoor – the choice is entirely yours. And with so many games to hand we can guarantee you will never be bored… Initiative Tasks, Puzzles and Problem Solving– Over 50 puzzles where thinking outside the box is a necessity

To allow for maximum participation our tasks, puzzles and problems are best tackled in small groups and with such a wide range available we are sure you will find plenty to keep you entertained and sufficiently challenged… Archery – Get on target and try your hand at this age old sport

One of the oldest sports in the world requires a steady hand and keen eye but mostly it requires a sense of humour and a willingness to give it a go. We have a range of bows for wee kids and big kids alike and a team of instructors to help get you going for gold! Kite Flying – Feel the power of the wind first hand and learn how to control it!

Kite Flying is one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the world and we are here to show you the basics. Our 2 and 4 line kites are perfect for beginners, honing your skills and having plenty of fun – so have a go, we promise you’ll love it!

Energisers – Fast and furious, calm and indoor or outdoor, your activity, your call Motivating a Team really is easy when you know how! Energisers are the perfect start or break to a conference or day of adventure, they help you shake out the cobwebs and focus on the task at hand and we know you’ll love them!!!

Orienteering - a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. Walking or running, you will navigate in sequence between control points marked on a map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. Great fun and exercise for everyone!

Camping – Experience the beauty of the great outdoors yet with the comforts of home Who on earth said camping should be “roughing it”? We believe camping should be a very positive experience with good food, comfortable and warm tents, magnificent scenery and plenty of craic! Are you game?

Raft Building – Construct a seaworthy vessel and set sail on a voyage of discovery Using only the limited equipment provided, your team must design and build a craft capable of carrying all team members before undertaking a range of manoeuvrability and speed tests. Staying dry is the aim of the game!!

Currach Building – Build an ancient Irish fishing boat and see who can catch the most fish... The earliest reports of currachs go back to 75BC and now with modern tools and equipment you will get to build one of these fantastic boats, launch it and take part in a “fishing” contest with a twist…

Flower Power – Creativity with the bonus of making someone else smile… A favourite Team Event for those who want to do something different, be creative, learn a new skill and have lots of fun while giving back to the local community at the same time – your flower arrangements are donated to a local nursing home or hospice…

Balloon Flower Power – Balloons make people smile! Flowers make people smile! What happens when they are combined? Using balloons we will show you how to make balloon-flowers and then we will see which team can work together to make the most amount of flowers in twenty minutes. Once again your balloon-flower arrangements are donated to a local nursing home or hospice…

Guided Walks – Explore valleys and mountains breathing fresh air whilst enjoying the splendour of our countryside We have guided and self-guided walking trips throughout Ireland to suit all levels and abilities – all that you have to do is let us know what area you are keen to explore and if there are any specific sights you’d like to see and we will do the rest!

Rock Climbing – Reach new heights and all under your own steam This is a sport that has many different levels and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try it at least once. In the hands of our expert instructors we will have you going up the rock like a mountain goat - come on, give it a go!

Abseiling – What goes up must come down So now you’ve reached the top of the climb what do you do next? Go back down of course and all that you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Crate Climbing – How high can you climb? Or how high dare you climb? This is a great challenge that can be done indoors or outdoors. It will give you the thrills of rock climbing and abseiling and you won’t even have to be anywhere near the mountains – you’ll love it!

Duke of Edinburgh Award - Training and Assessment We can help you with any element at any level of the award – just ask…

The President’s Award - Training and Assessment We can help you with any element at any level of the award – just ask…

Night Lines – Working in a team requires trust especially when the blind are leading the blind This activity has got so much to offer in terms of communication and trust that it easy to see why it is one of the most popular activities that we deliver. It is fun, rewarding and can be a very powerful experience for individuals as well as teams.

Mountain Biking – On or off track and trail we have trips to suit all abilities We have a range of top-end mountain bikes suitable for all sizes and a range of biking trails to suit all abilities including a trip from Gortin Lakes that requires hardly any pedalling!

Could it be any easier?

Furthermore we have a range of Themed Events that include:

The Apprentice: “You’re hired!” – Undertake a range of Team Challenges to see “who’s fired” and “who’s hired!” We’ve all seen it on TV and we’ve all thought “I could have done better than that!” Well now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is and see if you and your team have what it takes to be hired!

When in Rome – Pit your wits against the Senators in a bid to build the greatest Roman Empire ever Trading, deceit, fighting and entertaining are all part of everyday life in Rome but can you keep the centurions and senators in order as you and your team form the greatest Roman Empire the world has every seen?

I-play Traditional – Learn new skills, form a band and see if you can make it to number1 Ever watched a “fiddly-dee” band and thought to yourself “they are all having so much fun, wish I could join in”? Well now’s your chance, working in small groups we will teach you the basic skills to put a few songs together.

School Sports Days – Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy what had to be the best day of the school year! Remember the egg and spoon race, the 3 legged race, the sack and wheel barrow races, even the javelin and shot put? All the old favourites are brought together for this “laugh a minute” event – fizzy drinks and sweets are optional!

Irish Sports Day – It is bigger than the Olympics! It is bigger than the World Cup! This is an event that you will talk about for years to come in. It has it all, everything from horse shoe throwing to welly boot throwing, turf stacking to tin whistle playing, wheel barrow races to puc fada and lots of fun, fun, fun!!!

The Fashion Fiasco ­- Form your own “Fashion House” and put on “a show to remember…” This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and “whacky” as you and your team get ready for the Fashion Show of the year.

You can expect a great team event, lots of laughs and some really bad cross-dressing! And some of our other services include: The Adventure Bus – Activities right on your doorstep! We know that time and money can be tight and getting away from the school, office or youth club can be difficult. But there’s no need to worry about it!!! We can come to you and can deliver a wide range of activities in or around your premises – you couldn’t ask for much more than that!

The Magic Rope – Endless games, puzzles and fun for schools, businesses and youth groups “Could you imagine having so much fun with a rope?” is a question we hear time and time again. The Magic Rope sessions are suitable for groups of all ages and sizes and can last from 1 – 3 hours with up to 12 hours of “playtime” in total! We also have a number of associates who can provide us with Drum Circles and Laser Tag – just contact us for more details.

Treasure Trails

Address: 69 kingsway Drive

Town: Portadown

Area: Co Armagh

Postcode: bt623dx

Telephone: 02838336266

The company, run by Allan Hamilton provides mystery walking and driving trails across the south of Northern Ireland and aims to get people to switch off their TVs and games consoles and get out and about exploring the towns and cities of Northern Ireland, learning, and having fun.

A Treasure Trail can best be described as a cross between a quiz and a guided walk, and has been compared to a giant game of Clued. Trailers complete a Trail in their own time and at their own pace, following the directions around the best historic and scenic sights of a location. Each Trail has clues to solve, and the answer to each clue can be found on a plaque, monument, building, etc. The Trails either take the form of a Murder Mystery, with Trailers eliminating suspects and weapons as they go, or a Treasure Hunt, with locations being crossed off a treasure map as each clue is solved. Participants can then submit their solution, and if they are right they will be entered into a cash prize draw. At the end of each year, there is a winner in every location.  The Trails cost just £5 each and typically take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete and involve a walk of between 1.5 and 2 miles. There are plenty of places to stop for food or a drink en route and many Trails are wheelchair and pushchair friendly.  Trails exploring Northern Ireland can be purchased online at www.treasuretrails.co.uk, by phone on 02838 336266 or at the tourist office and strategic tourist points in each town. The first Trails to be released will cover Armagh, Craigavon, Newry & Mourne and Newtownards. The local councils and the tourist board have said, “We welcome the launch of Treasure Trails Northern Ireland Franchise. The range of Trails on offer will undoubtedly enhance the experience of visitors to our capital city and surrounding areas, enabling them to enjoy a more personal experience that fits around their own holiday schedule.”  Treasure Trails also offer a bespoke Trail writing service for attractions wishing to enhance their visitors’ experience, and run organized events based around their Trails. These events will suit any organization or business that looks for something new to do with there staff and employees. Each event will be based around a current Trail, this will be timed also included will be various collection tasks and questions. For any more information regarding these services please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Address: Ophir Gardens

Town: Belfast

Area: Antrim

Postcode: BT15 5EP

Telephone: 07816936447

Email: d.corscadden@ntlworld.com

Web Address: 14 Ophir Gardens

 If you are looking for an excellent event for staff or client's, why not stage a Night at the Races. Everything required is supplied. 8 Races, betting slips, tote betting! For details and a quote contact David on 07816936447