Why event organisers love us?


Hassle free

Whether you are organising small or big events, we can take away your  stress  finding accommodation hotels and event venues. 


Selected Hotels

With our extensive knowledges of hotels, we will exactly find the hotels with perfect location that suites your group, company  or your visitors for trade show, exhibition, music festival,  Marathon, Carnival, Fashion week, an awards night or even pet show!


Negotiated Rates

We work closely with Bangkok hotels and update the market to assure that you will get the best rates and our hotels.tv brand has destination based teams around the world who can find best offer with hotel worldwide. No matter where you event is, we will find the best rates for you!


Private Booking Area

Our  tailored made PBA ( Private Booking Area)  page will be exclusively for your group, company, or event visitors, which will be embedded within your own company or event website, represents your professional way of event organising.


Instant Confirmation

Our PBA is designed to make hotel booking so simple. After information confirmed, instant confirmation will directly sent to the booker immediately. And in case, it’s hotel with room on request condition, you will get notified within 24 hours or less!   


Personalised Support

We have Bangkok team to support you 24/7 as we are here to make your event even more easier! 


And our service is free!

Yes, it’s completely free! No hidden cost to make you frustration. No hassle on finding hotel accommodation or event venue anymore!  Contact our Bangkok team via bangkok@hotels.tv  We will more than happy to make your event even more easier!


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