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Bangkok is arguably one of the most robust cities in all of Asia, and is certainly diverse.  This city of style has sparking malls just outside of historic homes more than 200 years old.  There is a plethora of malls, boutiques, shops, attractions and museums, making this city a top destination for people of all nations.

The city is broken down into fifty precincts.  This city has expanded over the recent years to connect what was once a spotty mix of small cities to a connected and metropolitan mecca.  This expansion has led to the development of some of the finest modern architecture and the plushest of all luxury and boutique hotels being erected around the city.  You can stay waterside, in the city next to a green and environmentally friendly park or in the historic district.  Either way, your stay in Bangkok is sure to be one of the most beautiful vacations you have ever taken. 

While most city guides will talk about museums, history and architecture, here in Bangkok, there is so much diversity that we have chosen to show you the unique pleasures this robust city has to offer.  The Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall is a royal building like no other.  King Chulalongkorn, who was the first Thai Monarch to visit Europe, commissioned the Throne Hall which has in interesting East meets West approach.  With it’s western interior and Thai exterior, this is a must see attraction. 

The Ancient Cloth Museum is an interesting find and fit’s well in a city that is well known for it’s shopping district and boutique hotels.  This museum isn’t like the same mundane museums found in other towns.  Here, you can browse around a well-annotated collection of royal cloth and other fine fashion collections of historic precedence.  Another fascinating museum like none that you will find elsewhere is the Bangkok Doll Factory & Museum.  The antique dolls in national costumes and the onsite factory-made dolls will carry you through Thai tradition.  This unique museum will compliment the personalities   of the boutique and luxury hotel lovers.  The last museum to make the list is the Bangkokian Museum.  This museum has three main wooden houses which portrays Bangkok’s history to perfection.  The first house was constructed in 1937 as a home for the Surawadee family and the quarters situated to the right as added as a boarding house to cover rising costs.  The last of the three buildings was built in 1929 as a surgery for a British doctor.  This is a definite must see and will give you a vast understanding of a modern city’s history in one fell swoop.

The Baiyoke Ii Tower is one of the most architecturally attractive tower’s and certainly the tallest, making Bangkok rise with a beautiful sky-scape. This 88-story building flaunts some of the most innovative advertising in the city.  The attraction here is the 77th floor observation deck where the views are impressive.  It is suggested that you try the rooftop bars rather than the ones on the observation deck.

The democracy monument hold a special place for Bangkok’s political history.  It was built to commemorate the nation’s transition from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy in 1932.  Today, the monument serves as a rallying ground for pro-democracy groups.  It is also the site of the 1992 tragic demonstrations that turned bloody at the hands of the military.  A beautiful monument with some dramatic historical events makes this a must see.  You will appreciate the luxury hotels that Bangkok has today after learning about the culture of the past.

The Benjakiti Park as the latest addition to the green-scape that the Thai culture is completely embracing in the 21st century.  This beautiful 130-rai park encompasses a large lake where a former Tobacco Monopoly stood.  This natural beauty is behind the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre and celebrated the queen’s sixth cycle or 72nd birthday.

This city is diverse, offering any traveler a completely unique experience.  Bangkok has risen to a city that is compared to Washington, DC., Beijing China and even New York with it’s diverse culture, modern architecture, and exciting nightlife.  The parks, museums, restaurants, monuments, history and shops will leave in awe.  Come experience a truly fascinating vacation where luxury meets humbleness, modernity meets history and tradition meets innovation.