Amsterdam is also famous and controversial of its liberalisation of some kind of works like Red light district and Coffee shop, perhaps in the local perspective I would describe these things here


Red light district

Red light district has been existing in Netherlands since year 1400 and it is the idea of Dutch government to avoid human trafficking, so that the prostitution is legal, on the other hand, street worker is unaccepted. Since no working permits are given for prostitution, only EU citizens are allowed to work legally.


The colorful red light district is located in the heart of Amsterdam 500 meters from Central station, combined of small alleys along side the beautiful canal, it is the location that government authorized for sex and erotic businesses so you can find alternatives such as sex shows and erotic clubs. It is not dangerous area to walk around as there will be well inspected by Amsterdam Police. Besides, there are many pubs, bars, shops, restaurants and coffee shops.


The Red light district and around that area have hundreds of windows and erotic ladies showing themselves from inside the windows, tourists must respect those workers and obtain discreet manner to them as this is a legal job in the Netherlands. You can walk for sightseeing in this area as it is distinctive both in day and night time, only one issue is to be aware of your belongings as there can be pick pocketing as well as elsewhere. Amsterdam the city never sleep!




Coffee Shops


Why do Dutch government liberalise cannabis license in the country?


(Sources; Wikipedia) it is unrefined source but I believe it is true as local who live here



·      To prevent recreational drug use and to treat and rehabilitate unrecreational drug users.

.     To reduce harm to users.

·      To diminish public nuisance by drug users (the disturbance of public Order and safety in the neighborhood).

·      To combat the production and trafficking of recreational drugs



Since I have been living in Amsterdam, I have never heard any serious crimes or severe incidents because of this drug, it is maybe the government liberalises this. Don’t get us wrong, most of local people I have known never visited this coffee shop regularly unless we have visitors. This is one of the places in the world that you can buy cannabis as well as bread in supermarket, however, you must be over 18 and it is very strict. It is true that they sell this soft drug in all over the city, but to make joke to Dutch people about this, it is utterly inappropriated. Tourists are welcome to go and experience this, but you must ask the shop assistant thoroughly about each issue you don’t know about products.