Amsterdam Transportation


Schiphol Airport


The national airport of the Netherlands “ Schiphol Airport” is the 4th largest airport in Europe, recently voted winner by British travellers for 25th time as the best Europe Airport.  Schiphol airport is managed under “ Schiphol group” since 1916 when the first aircraft landed. Almost 100 years the airport has been growth dramatically, and expect to expand the operating flights up to 580,000 flights in 2020.The airport does not have only runways, but also transformed to the airport city and offers numbers of facilities, including shops, restaurants, salon, spa, vip lounges, hotels, banks and it is the centre link of ground transportations, train, bus and taxi. It is very convenient as passenger can connect to train effortlessly as train station and platforms are well located inside terminal 1. Airport has 3 main terminals, terminal 1 and 2 are mostly domestic flights, and international flights operated in terminal 3, you can walk within 15 minutes from terminal 1 to terminal 3. Schiphol airport has short distance to Amsterdam city center, only 30 minutes by car and 15 minutes by fast train.



Amsterdam Central station is the main station to connect you to many destinations in Europe, you can buy train ticket online via , or you can contact direct with Central station. The Central station is also the main hub of public transportation of Amsterdam, all trams and metro terminate routes at Central station.



Tram, Bus, Metro(underground)


The public transportation of the Netherlands operated by the same company, therefore, you can buy top up chip card (OV chip card) for domestic Netherlands destinations.  The OV chip card costs 5 Euro deposit plus top up money and when you have done your Netherlands trip, you can return the card to receive deposit back. The card can be bought from Schiphol airport, Central station or main stations in Amsterdam. There are 3 types of Amsterdam public transportations that you can use OV chip card, which are tram, bus and metro. Besides, the OV chip card can also be used for Netherlands intercity trains, the cost of each destination is varied, If you want to travel intercity, the top up money in the card has to be at least 18 Euro as this cost is for furthest city in the Netherlands.  You can view destinations maps of tram , bus and metro on








On-ground railed bus, trams are operated from 5am-1am daily, tram can take you around the city, the routes are covered most of the city areas. If you don’t have OV chip card you can buy hour card or day card (the day card can be used for bus and metro as well) the hour card costs 2.80 Euro and the day card is for 24 hours used, cost 7.50 Euro)



Amsterdam bus stop is located in many locations in the city, it is another alternative way from tram, the bus cost is similar to tram but it offers more routes that not usually passed by tram.



Many parts of the city connected by metro, and currently the government is expanding more routes and the project is on the process at the moment. 




Popular way to see Amsterdam as the bike infrastructure is so complete; the government provides bike tracks in every part of the city. Most of locals use bikes as their main vehicles to travel. Tourists are able to rent bikes, and there are many rental spots available in the city.



Amsterdam has very good security, you can walk in the centre from one square to other one and this way you can see more of local cultures, and visits many shops and café along the walking.



Amsterdam has well-known reputation for canals and water, there are many ferry boats traveling to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia for other kind of recreations. The main port of Ferry is located behind central station and the port called “ The Passenger Terminal”