You won’t be disappointed if you love arts and galleries when visiting Amsterdam. The world-famous museums have been recognized, even though you have not yet visited Amsterdam, from collections of classical Europe, modern arts and hilarious museums. The rich of historical story lies in piece of arts and places that will take you breath away.


Van Gogh museum; beautiful painting of Van Gogh the world-class artist that no one appreciated his arts until the day he died, the legendary brush-stroke technique, his life and masterpiece of his paintings.


Rijks museum; National museum of the Netherlands; must visit! Display massive arts and historical objects collections from years 1200-2000. The museum has been renovated over 10 years and reopened again from May 2013.


Anne Frank House; The young-jewish lady who immigrated to Netherlands with her family released her fear and tension by writing famous diary whist hiding German military during World War Two, she hid herself under the attic of Amsterdam canal house. To show spirit of Anne Frank, the Anne Frank house will tell you her story, pain and mystery from World War Two.


Stedelijk museum; International museum dedicated to contemporary and modern arts, from painting, statue and eye-catching furniture and so on. Many events take place all year round.


Heineken experience; Hundred years of history, the place will represent Heineken history and brewery as sensational interactive tour, for age only over 18 to take a tour.


Diamond museum; Take a tour to the story of how diamond forming 200 km under the earth and how to cull the diamond we love. There is a small diamond factory to show you how to cut the diamond and show many diamond collections.



National maritime museum (Het scheepvaartmuseum); The Dutch is considered as one of the best sailor in the world, telling you the story of how the Dutch living habitat by the sea and over 500 years history of maritime and masterpiece of boat, the production, the journey, the tale of whale, and the colonization era. There are plenty of simulations for children


Besides these, there are many more museums and galleries to see in Amsterdam


-Sex museum

-Torture museum

-Houseboat museum

-Rembrant house museum

-Cheese museum

-Tulip museum

-Museum of bags and purses

-Cat Musuem (The Cat Cabinet)