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Alicante, Spain with its beautiful boulevard and pleasant shopping street, is one of the most well-known towns on the Costa Blanca. The coast of Alicante and the Costa Blanca owes its name to the beaches stretching for several kilometres and attracts many sun worshippers and pleasure seekers. Known for its miles of sandy beaches, Alicante is starting point for many tourists.

  • New Year's Eve - December 31st Festivals and Hertiage

    Parties and celebrations throughout Alicante, heralding the beginning of the new year, with a number of excellent midnight fireworks displays in the area.

  • Hogueras de San Juan (Bonfires of St. John) Late June Festivals and Hertiage

    Held in late June, the Bonfires of St. John has become one of the most important events in the Alicante area. Many major papier-maché and wooden sculptures are displayed around central Alicante and then burnt on a large fire. The festival also features fireworks from St. Barbara Castle (Castillo de Santa Bárbara), street parades and concerts.

  • Jazz Festival - mid-July/early August Festivals and Hertiage

    A major celebration during the summer months of July and August, the Alicante Jazz Festival attracts many famous jazz musicians to the city, performing in a variety of bars and entertainment venues throughout the centre.

  • Festival de Verano de Alicante (Alicante Summer Festival) - July/August Festivals and Hertiage

    This festival lasts around two months, offering an extensive programme of events, including concerts, dancing and plenty of family fun. Many of the events are centred around the Paseo del Puerto.

  • Virgen del Remedio (Our Lady of Remedy) - early August Festivals and Hertiage

    Celebrations honour the Patron Saint, with 'Alborada' concerts, a procession along the main streets, and 'Feast Day' on August 3rd. The festivities also include the Port Summer Festival.

  • Virgen del Socorro (Our Lady of Succour) - early September Festivals and Hertiage

    Held in the Raval district, with a large feast organised by fishermen to honour their Patron Saint. Festival attractions include food and drink, cookery contests, a lively parade, dancing and a range of games, which appeal to all ages.

  • Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses) Historic and Religious events

    Mid-May, much of Alicante is decorated with crosses covered in flowers, with parties, music and dancing. This event is particularly concentrated in the Santa Cruz district.

  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) - late March/early April Historic and Religious events

    Held between Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Notable Easter parades include the Santa Cruz procession, the Silencio del Jueves Santo, the Veronica procession and the La Virgen de la Alegria parade.

  • Santa Faz Pilgrimages (Peregrina de la Santa Faz) - mid April Historic and Religious events

    The Alicante Santa Faz Pilgrimages festival takes place two Thursday's after Easter Sunday and has become the country's second-largest pilgrimage. Around 200,000 people take part in this major event and walk from the centre of Alicante to the Monastery of the Holy Face (Monasterio de Santa Faz). Other highlights include a craft market, a fair ground, picnic lunches and a procession to the Santa Faz Monastery.

  • Virgen del Carmen (The Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel) - Mid-July Historic and Religious events

    Mid-July, with maritime-based events, including decorated fishing boats, parades of sailors, and celebrations on the nearby island of Tabarca.

  • Nacional de Espana - October 12th Public Holidays

    Celebrations around the city of Salamanca on Spain's National Day, which has long been a public holiday.

  • ALC Airport Information

    Alicante-Elche Airport is situated 9 kilometres southwest of the capital, in the municipality of Elche, in one of the most dynamic, up and coming business and economic zones on the Mediterranean coast... Read More