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  • Lewis Caroll Anniversary of Alice's Wonderland October

    The University of Cambridge is proud to announce a week of events based on Lewis Caroll's Alice's Wonderland: conferences, formal dinner, afternoon tea in various Colleges in Cambridge.


    Alice through the Ages: the Alice Through The Ages banner, mostly blues The 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

    Hosted by Professor Maria Nikolajeva and Dr Zoe Jaques,

    The Cambridge-Homerton Research and Teaching Centre for Children’s Literature

    Supported by The Lewis Carroll Society

    15th - 17th September 2015

    Homerton CollegeHills RoadCambridgeCB2 8PH

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2015.

    Lewis Carroll famously opens his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with his protagonist “burning with curiosity”, which leads Alice to follow the White Rabbit into an alternative reality. That same sense of curiosity has circulated about Wonderland since the book was first published. This conference aims to offer new understandings of the work by re-evaluating long held truisms, subjecting the text to new theoretical approaches and considering the history of adaptation and its uses in popular culture.

    We invite innovative papers on Lewis Carroll from established scholars as well as new voices in the field, and those whose research focuses on cognate fields. We are especially interested in papers focused on the book’s initial production context, including Carroll’s biography and sources and influences; papers that interrogate and problematise some of the longstanding truisms associated with the text, such as its place at the start of the fantasy tradition for children and the relationship between author and illustrator; papers that examine how text and author have been read in terms of cultural studies, the history of science, the medical humanities, and the politics of literature; and papers considering adaptation and the powerful influence Wonderland has had on design and style.

    Confirmed keynote speakers are:

    • Professor Dame Gillian Beer
    • Professor Jan Susina
    • Dr Kiera Vaclavik

    300 word proposals for 20-minute papers or 60-90 minute panel sessions should be submitted by 31st January 2015.

    We also invite poster presentations, exhibits, performances and any activities inspired by the Alice novels.

    For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact Professor Maria Nikolajeva, or Dr Zoe Jaques,  Click [pdf] here to download the paper call poster.



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