At the SECC, environmental considerations are very important and we encourage visitors to consider greener ways to travel there.

Cycling Path Network:

The SECC suports its staff with a cycle to work initiative - join their staff in making their way to the SECC using pedal power.

The SECC has link roads and paths that are easily navigated by bicycle as well as cycle paths that run alongside the Clyde.

Glasgow is extensively linked with the National Cycle Network as well as approved on-road cycle routes.

Click here to view the cycle paths around the SECC.

Their cycle storage racks are located in the following areas around SECC:

Main Building

- East Entrance ~ Near the elevated walkway

- West Entrance ~ South East corner of Car Park 5

Clyde Auditorium

- South East of Main entrance

Please note: They hold six cycles each.

Bike Hire:

To hire a bike in Glasgow, please email or telephone Alpine Bikes on 0141 559 5450

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