For your corporate event we can set up a private booking area, which would be customised for your specific event. Here, the guests attending the event or the event organiser will be able to book hand-selected London hotels meeting all their requirements and that of your event.

We offer a fully managed corporate online booking portal offering best online rates and pre-negotiated rates for hotel brands across the UK and Europe, specialising in London.  This is a very personal service working with each organisation, understanding regular hotel requirements, rates and added value.  

For your event, key information such as choice of hotels, travel policies and any event information including timings and special seminars can be displayed on this page. booking portal for business allows a unique and tailored platform for your business to manage all company hotel bookings and provide you with valuable historical reports for cost control and patterns. We offer all the benefits of a large Hotel Booking Agent with an easy set up.  

There is no cost to you at all.

We'll set up the website and if you require restricted access to make bookings we can provide passwords or embed the website within your own company's intranet. This type of bespoke portal can be set up for events and conferences in all major cities across the globe. 

This process makes finding a hotel very easy as we do all the searching around to find the perfect hotels so you and your attendees do not have to.

What we offer:


ü  Our service is free of charge

ü  We secure room allocation at negotiated rates with end release dates

ü  Payment is on departure

ü  We offer a personal service to your delegates

ü  We can design a bespoke secure booking area with your branding or that of your event

ü  The rates can be shared with your exhibitors/guests/attendees too

ü  Your event will be shared across our social media and blog if you wish, helping to boost your SEO and the page will stay on our website, ready to use for your next event

ü  Your private booking area may be password protected

ü  It is a superb, professional way to accommodate speakers, special guests and VIPs

In addition, by using the latest cutting edge technology, we can search through hundreds of suppliers. Click here to see an example of a private booking system that can be customised to you and your event.

If you'd like to know more or to set up a private booking area please contact us at or +44 (0) 20 8133 9334