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  • Milapfest Events

    Milapfest has a number of events in 2015 including Samyo and Dance India 2015.
  • Milapfest History

    Founded in 1985 by a group of like-minded friends to provide meaningful cultural activities to enhance friendship, understanding and cooperation.
  • Sannidhi International Conference

    Sannidhi is a ground-breaking international conference for artists, arts professionals and academics engaged in working for Indian arts.
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Milapfest organises performances of Indian dance and music across the U.K. throughout the year.  Its annual calendar of events consists of over 50 performances, taking place at some of the best venues in the U.K.  It works internationally to present the very best of Indian and British artists to audiences all over the world and its performance work carries a strong link to its committment in education and career pathway development.

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